I get checked regularly with my doctor, I think it’s very important to keep seeing your doctor when you have any kind of medical problems.

First I tried some dietary things and it didn’t work, and so eventually the doctors tried the beta-blockers because I had the erratic heartbeats as well.

I had to come and give my blood once a week.

They just told me, “This is the medication that we’re gonna give you,” at that point, “and this is the amount, and the frequency.”

So if it was high, then they adjusted the medication.

Even now we are having to adjust the doses because I still get a little bit tired, but I’m better now.

Just one medication was the primary one and it worked from the get-go, from the get-go. There was no trial of different meds or anything.

It is extremely important to take your medication regularly, when you’re supposed to take it.

And it’s very tiny, a little bitty pill I take once a day.

You should take it at the same time you’re supposed to take it every day.

You should get your medications on time, or if you can’t get them have somebody else there to help you with them.

You’ve got to take the meds. If you don’t have a doctor that you trust, you get a new doctor. If you trust the doctor, he says, “Take these,” you take these.

They know what they’re talking about, you know, this is their job. And your job, if you want to be well, is to follow their orders.

I know I’m hypertensive. I know I am under control by medication, so I’m letting the medication do the job.