REAL PATIENTS: Hope for the Future


What I would be looking forward for the future: to remain healthy. Forget the money, forget luxury — healthy.

Listen to your body, because otherwise your body is going to knock on the door when you don’t know about it.

I do enjoy life more. You know, you look at it in a different light. You see, well, you know, it is true, you do have to take each day as it comes, you aren’t promised tomorrow.

We didn’t think about the future, we lived for the day. And now I have a daughter, now prayerfully one day she will be a mom — a wife and a mom — and I want to be around.

Exercise, feel good, travel. And that’s what I’m trying to do as long as I can.

Having a positive attitude is extremely important for good health.

Even with everything that’s going wrong around me, I’m optimistic.

What you’ve got, take care of.